Kitti Kat Kattery

Selkirk Rex
British Shorthairs

Home raised in the Gold Country of Northern California

Looking for Homes

We are looking for good homes for some of our retired / older kitties!

Kitti Kat Fumerole a.k.a. "Fluffy"

Fluffy is eight years old (mid-July 2011) and is a straighthaired Selkirk Rex
She is very loving but would prefer to live without dogs or small children!

SGA Kitti Kat Marble Crystalline a.k.a. "Michelle"
Blue Tabbie and White British Shorthair
Michelle is three years old (mid-July 2011) and very shy.
She would love to live in a quiet home with older people.
She is well behaved and independent.

Catequil Amber Waves a.k.a. "Tess"

Brown Torbie Selkirk Rex
Four years old (July 2011)

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