Kitti Kat Kattery

Selkirk Rex
British Shorthairs

Home raised in the Gold Country of Northern California

Our Cats

Welcome to Kitti Kat Kattery! Home of the illustrious Selkirk Rex!! Well maybe illustrious isn’t quite the right word. More like goofy. Kitti Kat Kattery is home to some of the world’s best international Selkirk Rex cats. These lovable goof-balls are all the rage and we can guarantee you will not regret owning one. The Kattery started with Kitti Ruttan, head of the Selkirk Rex breed committee, falling in love with the curly coated feline, and has continued on to her daughter who couldn’t live without them. Ask anybody who owns a Selkirk Rex and they will all tell you the same thing. They love these cats!

Not only are our cats lovable, social, sweet, and rub-in-your-face like, they are some of the best show cats around the United States and even so far as global. Not that we’re bragging or anything, but our Selkirks are some kick-butt kitties!!!

Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourself. We know you will come to love them as much as we do!

Some of our kittens!

Some of our kittens!
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